April 23, 2013

Green Ginger Ale

Does anyone remember Hi-C Ecto Cooler?  At some point, anybody who grew up in the 80's probably had Ecto Cooler in their lunch box, unless you preferred Squeez-It over the juice box.  Perhaps this clip might remind you of this popular 80's juice box.

Basically, it was a green dyed orange citrus juice that was tied to Slimer of Ghostbusters and the subsequent Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  Yep, green dyed orange juice marked with a green blob known as Slimer actually sold.

For whatever reason, I had an Ecto Cooler flashback when I made this juice.  Now, this tastes nothing like what I remember Ecto Cooler to taste like, but it did have that Slimer green color.  This juice combines tart green apples with cucumbers, lime, celery, and ginger, and it created a refreshing ginger ale.  Poured over some ice, this was a refreshing juice, and the apple tartness and lime completely muted out the flavors of the veggies.  Take that, Slimer's fake orange juice.

So, to those of you who drank Hi-C and Squeez-It, which reigned supreme?

Green Ginger Ale
Yields 16 oz. juice

2 large green apples (or 3 small green apples), chopped with cores removed
1 medium cucumber
2 celery stalks
1 lime
2" piece of ginger

Run all items through juicer.  Serve on ice and enjoy!

Source: Reboot with Joe

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  1. LOL I was past juice boxes in the 80s, sadly. This drink does sound pretty refreshing.


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