November 3, 2013

Carrot Apple Juice

What kitchen toys sit on your counter?  For me, the appliances that "make the cut" for the counter have to be ones that I use on a weekly basis or that are too heavy to pull up and out of cabinets (like my stand mixer).  This past year, the juicer beat out the bread machine for a nice spot of kitchen counter real estate.  

Juicing is such a quick way to get fruits and vegetables in one swoop.  With the sweetness of the carrots and the apples, carrot apple juice doesn't taste like a vegetable juice.  It's easy to switch up the flavor of the juice by using different apples.

Colorado is having such a beautiful fall.  The leaves are such vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds.  I enjoyed this juice while watching my dogs jump around in the ever-growing crunchy piles of leaves in the backyard!

Carrot Apple Juice
Yields 22 oz. juice

6 large carrots, tops cut
3 small apples, cored
1 lemon

Juice all ingredients in juicer in order listed.  Serve immediately, and enjoy!

Source: A Simply Sweet Justice Original


  1. My big Green Star juicer sits on my island as a beacon that says, "use me" when I walk into the kitchen.

    I have carrot and apple in all my juices. :)

  2. My daughter has a juicer and she better be using it a lot; that sucker is HUGE! I don't juice; I would probably just throw it in my Blendtec and pulverize all of it.

    Hoping we find a good time to get together one day soon!

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